Welcome to St. Basil the Great Parish

A Roman Catholic Community ~ Kimberton, PA

2300 Kimberton Rd
Kimberton, PA 19442
(610) 933-2110

St Basil the Great Catholic Church

Mass Schedule





8:30AM, 11:00AM,

5:00PM (Sept. - May)


Daily (M-F):

8:45AM in Chapel


Holy Days:

7:00PM Vigil, 8:45AM, 7:00PM

Celebrant Schedule



9:15AM - 4:00PM






4:00PM - 4:30PM

and by appointment



Mission Statement

In union with the universal church under the leadership of the Pope, and the church in Philadelphia, under the leadership of the Archbishop, we at St. Basil the Great Parish in Kimberton, under the leadership of our Pastor, profess to be members of the one Body of Christ. As such, we are called to fulfill in our local community the mission of our head, Jesus Christ, that all persons be saved and brought to a knowledge of the truth.  Accordingly, led by the Holy Spirit dwelling within us, we commit ourselves to:
  1. Proclaim in our lives, especially by our conduct at Mass and in the reception of the other Sacraments, our total dependence upon God from whom we have come and to whom we shall return;
  2. Assist our parish to become a real community by striving to know one another better so that, recognizing the unique gifts of each member, we can work together to achieve our goals;
  3. Bring back those who no longer practice the faith and to share the good news with those in our community who are not yet members of the household of the faith;
  4. Teach the saving message of Jesus Christ to our young members in religious education programs and to provide our adult members with ongoing opportunities to further their knowledge of the good news;
  5. Reach out to our community by helping those in need with appropriate measures. 


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