Couples planning to marry should contact St. Basils at least 6 months prior to the proposed wedding date so that appropriate assistance in marriage preparation may be provided.

The Church welcomes couples who seek to enter into the Sacrament of Marriage as a sign of their love for each other and of our God who is Love. The period of the engagement is a special time of preparation.  While there is much excitement, it is also a time to seriously consider the spiritual impact of their wedding and subsequent married life together.

The Church considers marriage a most sacred sacrament. In this sacrament, also called Matrimony, a man and a woman enter into a life-long covenant with each other before God and the community. The purpose of this marriage covenant is to enable the couple to become one in love for each other and to be open to the gift of children in their marriage.

Each couple is required to attend a Pre-Cana Program for Marriage Preparation. The Archdiocese conducts regional programs. Call the rectory for further details.

Weddings can be scheduled on Saturdays between 10AM and 2PM.